Miftah an-Nur Islamic International School had it’s first day of School on the 4th of September 2017.
The first day was an exciting day for children at Miftah an-Nur. It was a day they got to meet new friends filled with singing and dancing while also learning something fun and new.

For the first day, the parents were there with their child to help them better understand the activities given by the teachers. In the morning, they began warming up their bodies by playing at the playground area and afterwards they went to their classroom for the “ice breaking” session. 
In the classroom, it began with the recitation of the Surah Al-Fatihah by Teacher Wiem to teach children to start their day with the Doa. Later activities included singing time “the salam song” with Teacher Ahmad, to start their day with smile and laughter and playing ‘pass around the ball’ with Teacher Mughni, where the ball was passed to each student one by one and students must return the ball back to see if the children understood the rules of the game.

After all the physical activities, they got to do colouring where they can express their own creativity and style. By the time they finished their colouring activity, it was already break time. The parents were asked to pack some foods and drinks for their children from home and they got to enjoy them at Miftah an-Nur.

After the break, it was back to the classroom with the teachers and the principal. Principal Jumina sat down with the children for story time where she told a story about an owl. After the story was told, the children themselves got to create their own owl using sponge and watercolor paint. Before the day ends, the children were given a short break for play time in the classroom to relax and have fun playing toys. At the end of the day, they all received a certificate for completing their first day of school as students at Miftah an-Nur Islamic International School.


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