Sunday, 20th August 2017, Miftah an-Nur School Fun Open Day

Miftah an-Nur Islamic International School opened it’s gates to the public on the 20th of August 2017 for its School Fun Open Day event. Parents and their child as well as the general public were all invited to come to join in the fun activities being held at Miftah an-Nur. There were lots of entertainment and games such as balloon twisting, getting to know the reptiles,  cat shows, bouncers and blowing bubbles to name a few of the activities for the day.

Apart form all the fun activities, there were also food and drink vendors invited on that day to ensure that your tummies were filled with food and drinks. A lot of memories were being made on that day, and for those who took pictures on the day, we have invited your favourite hero Characters like Spiderman, Wonder Woman and more to take pictures with children located at the photo booth and also around the vendor areas. Other rooms also included, a Fun Science room for children to have a great time while doing science experiments, making your own origami , getting your henna or face-paint as well as shooting hoops to practice your basketball shooting skills.

Parents who were interested in enrolling their child to the school were able to visit the sample classroom where there were school books that are going to be used by their child in school, additional reading books found at the class bookshelves, toys and play things for children, as well as a live demo of the Shabakah System for parents to use to communicate with the teachers, principal and the school itself regarding their child’s activities, progress, subjects, timetables and more. Registered parents were also able to collect their child’s school and P.E uniforms on that day as well as meet the principal and teachers of Miftah an-Nur.






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