Thurday and Friday, 31st August and 1st September 2017, Miftah an-Nur School Preparation Day

On the 31st August and 1st September 2017, Miftah an-Nur held a Preparation Day for parents. On the following days, parents were required to fill in their child’s school forms necessary for the school to keep the information such as emergency contact, additional information of their child’s health , diet as well as allergies if applicable.

The parents were also guided on how to use our Shabakah, School Management System for parents to use to get updates on their child’s school schedule, lessons, homeworks, progress as well as activities at Miftah an-Nur.  While the parents busy filling in information about their child and learning the Shabakah system, the children didn’t miss out on the days activities where they decorated their own arabic names on a frame of which they created. They had fun colouring their arabic name and made it more colourful with the help of some glitters and to keep their creation to bring home, they also made colourful frames with the help of Teacher Wiem.


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