Our Mission


Our mission is to facilitate children to direct their energies to learning about and being aware of their Islamic environment in positive and constructive way.

Our Vision


As a provider of a holistic education to developing internationally minded students with necessary skills and knowledge to face future challenges with self-confidence.



Our Core Value


Miftah An-Nur Islamic International School’s Core Values are developed based on the acronym F.R.E.S.H. which connotes that Miftah School’s values are always current and relevant in its endeavors. Each letter describes the values which serve the guiding principle for the school.

The Acronym F.R.E.S.H. stands for:

F – Friendly
R – Respectful
E – Excellence
S – Sharing
H – Holistic 

What we believe


(i) We believe that all areas of children’s development (physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual) are important

(ii) We trust children to create many opportunities for their own learning

(iii) We believe that play, child-choice and cooperative relationships are essential parts of the child’s educational experience

(iv) We value the individuality and dignity of children and families and appreciate that they are part of a culture, community and a nation.

(v) We also believe that adults have the responsibility to select rich and diverse educational experiences for children through a careful selection of appropriate content


Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Haji Muhammad Ruzaini bin Yang Mulia Pengiran Haji Mohd. Yakub


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, Alhamdullilah, praise and glory is only for Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala for allowing me to prepare my opening remarks for the Miftah an-Nur Islamic International School website. We also give our blessings and salutations to our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalam, his family and his companions.

The idea to open an Islamic International School arise from the long overdue need for Brunei Darussalam, as an Islamic country, to have an educational institution that facilitates students to be shaped by Islamic values as prescribed by Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. At Miftah an-Nur we believe adopting an encompassing approach that goes beyond the classroom education. This is imperative in developing the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of children as well as toward molding them into well-rounded muslims, Insha Allah.

So what sets Miftah an-Nur apart from other Islamic schools?

Well, for starters it will be the first Islamic-oriented school in Brunei Darussalam where English will be taught as a main language medium. In addition, our curriculum is derived from and prepared by the well-renowned US-based Iqra International Foundation, whom we share the same values with. We also believe that parents play important roles in the child’s development. This is why we also have introduced Islamic parenting program for parents to attend during weekends.

It is my hope that all the genuine efforts of everyone involved in the setting up of Miftah an-Nur International School are accepted by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and will become a shafaat and a reason for attaining Allah’s Mercy on the Day of Resurrection. Aamiin.