Miftah an-Nur School Facilities

List of facilities available at Miftah an-Nur

Children's Classroom

Miftah provides a conducive and safe classroom environment with a wide open space for children to enjoy the activities carried out in their classroom.

Fittings And Accessories

Brightly colored fittings and accessories are acquired with the view of ensuring safety and suitability for children of age 3 to 6.

Outdoor Playground

Fun time. Miftah believes that physical activity is vital for a child's development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life.

Customize Washroom

Washroom facilities are built to suit the height levels of small children. Here they will be taught to cultivate proper hygiene habits.

Customize Toilet

The toilet cubicles are wide and fitted with small doors and mini toilet bowls to ensure safety and comfort. The small doors allows privacy to the children and at the same time allows teachers to check on the child.

Learning Corners and Play Area

Learning corners are designed with colorful pictures, words and objects to assist children to associate learning with real life applications. This triggers fun and enjoyment while learning a particular theme.


Miftah's custom made library will gradually be filled with carefully selected Arabic, Malay and English books. The view is for the library to be open to the public so that reading can be widely spread and cultivated among the young children.

School Foyer

This hall is to accommodate group activities that children will be performing for special occasions. It is also open for public to rent for organizing talks and seminars.

Creative Arts Room

This room is for young children eagerly engage in most creative opportunities, will explore and use materials provided, and enjoy various forms of dramatic play, dance and movement, and visual arts. They are curious and have an intrinsic motivation to make and when given a variety of supplies, children create their own activities and these open ended‚Äźexperiences become part of a larger emergent curriculum.


Surau or prayer room are located at the ground floor of the building. It is safe and spacious and can accommodate 30 children, with designated areas for male and female students.

Ablution Area

Separate access to ablution areas for male and female students. The floor is lined with non-slip rubber mats to prevent slippage. The ablution areas are located at both sides of the surau.

Indoor Playground

An area in a specified room, which is filled multiple, harmless playground set, for our children to learn and play physical activities safely behind the walls of Miftah.

Children Basketball Area

An area where children can enjoy playing basketball with harmless pad set.

Spacious Parking Area

This spacious parking lot designated for parents, teachers, and visitors to park their car.

Sand Play

Sand play promotes physical development. Large muscle skills develop as children dig, pour, sift, scoop, and clean up spills with brush and dustpan. Eye-hand coordination and small muscle control improve as children learn to manipulate sand accessories.

Water Play

Young children also gain physical learning through water play, such as precision in pouring, eye-hand coordination, and other skills. When children pick up buckets or other objects filled with water, they build muscle strength.